Welcome Trail Riders

The Badlands Trail Riders is a non-profit organization that has promoted the natural beauty of the North Dakota Badlands. Since 1960, it has been bringing together horsemen and horses of all ages, types and locations. It strives to create a bond to the badlands regions through appreciation of the beauty and enjoyment of the outdoors through family and group horse activities. It is great fun for the whole family from kids on ponies, mom and dad on their tried and true steeds, to expert riders on show horses. And of course those adventurous souls with their mules and draft teams.

There are two annual rides, one in the Spring and one over Labor Day weekend.  The Labor Day ride takes place at the Little Missouri State Park north of Killdeer North Dakota.  The spring ride is usually in other areas of the North Dakota Badlands.  Keep checking back on updates for both of the rides.

This year we will be Celebrating our 50th Anniversary on the Labor Day Ride.  Please see our Labor Day Ride page for more information regarding our celebration.

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