Labor Day Ride

The 2014 Labor Day Ride will take place August 29- September 1 at Little Missouri State Park.


2 Responses to Labor Day Ride

  1. Dennis Bartsch says:

    Read in today’s Bismarck Tribune about your 50th Anniversary Trail Ride. My daughter, granddaughter (8) and I would like to attend but have some questions. What time do you start riding on Saturday, Sunday and Monday? Do you ride the difficult trails or are the trails that that can accommodate wagons? My granddaughter just started riding our shetland so I’m not sure about going on the difficult (black) trails through the hills. Do we camp at the horse camp or is there another location that we go to? If we use the horse camp do I make our own reservation for pens? I have panels that I can carry on my trailer – can they be used? I’m not seeing any cost for participating other than for the banquet. Is there additional cost? Do you have to pay the park entrance fee for vehicle and horses? Are we responsible for our food other than the banquet? I’m sure we will have other questions once we get your response. THANKS!

    • rshipley says:

      The ride times usually vary by group. There are different groups that go out at different times. I believe the trails are not wide enough for a wagon. There are easier trails for your granddaughter to go on. Little Missouri State Park is a State Park and an entrance fee is required (fee schedule listed under Little Missouri State Park tab). As far as the corrals and reservations the best bet is to contact the park at 701-764-5256 or 701-794-3731.

      Membership fees are $15 a year if you want to join our club. If you want to just come out and celebrate with us it won’t cost you anything. You will just need to supply your sleeping arrangements and food. We are having a catered meal on Saturday evening. I am not sure if they are still able to accept reservations for the meal. You can contact Linda Morrow Schauer at 701-663-0529.

      I hope I was able to answer some of your questions. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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